Who are we?

That’s a pretty big question.

We’re regular people who live each day in the same world you do. We buy our coffee, eat our dinners, go to our jobs and sleep in our beds just like you. We live and we share what we see along the way. But most importantly we’re interested and committed to style.

Is this a fashion website you may be saying? Not entirely. Will we talk about fashion, yes. Is fashion the same thing as style? No. Style is how you met each day. Style is the battle plan you lay out for life. Style is confidence.

It’s not money, it’s not ranks in the corporate ladder, it’s not the car or the trophy girl. Style is never about making someone know what your title is or how many digits are in your bank balance. These things don’t say anything about person. If someone says they’re a CEO of a company or points out repeatedly their new BMW it doesn’t say much about them other than they we’re desperate for you to know their standing. But when you watch someone with style for even just a moment they speak volumes without saying a single word. In everything they do you can see confidence, security, creativity and personal flair. Style celebrates action.

Style is all in the approach.

That’s who we are. We’re people who dedicated ourselves to doing things in the best possible way. Our approach to any given topic may not be the right one or even the easiest but that’s not what style is. It’s about choice, personal taste and a thirst to do a thing your way. It’s about owning yourself and embracing the beauty of choices and experiences.

That’s us. That’s the Approach.

The Approach Team

Christopher Dravus

Who am I?

Well I can say that it’s a surprisingly akward question for me to answer. Most people would say that I’m the kind of person that can sit around all day and talk about myself. Not in an arrogant way, I hope, but because I like me and I like what I’ve done and where I’ve been in life so far.

But I find myself oddly quiet. It’s humbling to have to put into words that big question. Is who I am just a birth date and physical stats.

7-21-1982, about six foot one and one hundred and eighty-five pounds.

Is who I am a quick few lines about work and family?

Single man working for the catering division of a large Chicago based restaurant group.

I really don’t think those are the answers.

Who am I?

I think in the end the best I can say for myself is that I’m a story teller. I love a good story and I love the chance to spin some creativity into words. I love talking, I love crowds, I love sitting and telling someone about my day or talking about theirs. I love people, I love the sound of conversations. I love sitting at a coffee house and listening to a dozen lives all bleeding into one another. I love writing stories but i’m shy when people read them. I love daydreams. I love my fantasy worlds but I keep them close. I love cooking and love telling people a story about the things i’m making. I love trying new things with people. I love skydiving but I got scared my second time. I love learning about people. I love giving gifts. I love making a woman smile.

That’s me. That feels right.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey, love your attitude towards life and style in general. I wish more style bloggers would follow your mindset. It seems you have your head screwed on the “right” way. Keep it up.

    Fellow, Illinois resident.

  2. Bentley said:

    The Panda is watching. The Panda is listening. The Panda is waiting…


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