The Approach to Fashion

It’s not about the money. It’s not about the label on your pants. It’s not about a lot of things people think fashion is about.

Fashion is our clothes yes, but our clothes are the skin we show to the world. When you open the closet in the morning you are making a big decision.


It’s always about choices.

Those doors to the closet open and you have all those options. Comfort, utility, formality ect ect ect. Everything that you are as a person, your personality, is in that closet. Some people will say that’s not true. That clothes aren’t important to them and that they just wear what ever works.

What does that even mean?

Without even looking into the closet of people who are so dismissive about their fashion I can predict a few things and I’d be right about some of them. The one thing I’d bank on is that it’s filled with things to blend in. Nothing to shabby to be called out on and nothing too bold to be noticed.

We don’t walk naked into the world. It takes a lot getting to know someone before you lose clothes in front of them. Imagine if you will standing before all your co-workers and acquaintances. Now imagine that your clothing has melted away except for a few under garments. That feeling of vulnerability and concern for what others are looking at shouldn’t only see the light of day when you are magically nudified. If you are so worried about the things no one can see unless you let them why not show equal concern for the skin you show the world by choice.

Always dress the way you see yourself. Never dress for the eyes of world. If you nail an outfit the world will appreciate it whether it’s a three piece suit or just the right hoodie and jeans. There is a right way to do everything. If you love what you wear it’ll show. If you own every step you take in your clothes their value will eclipse whatever you paid for them. Remember, it’s all in the approach.

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