The Approach to Adventure

Be dynamic.

The object in motion is always preferable to the object at rest. Be moving. Be doing.

No should be the answer to only the most reckless of life experiences. What doesn’t kill you can be a memory you hold onto all your life. What doesn’t kill you can be a story you share over and over with new company and old.

Being worldly is a thing that too many of us have forgotten about or dismissed. Some think it’s worldly to have have tried every bar in your home town. It’s not. Some think it’s worldly to have puked into every toilet their friends own. It’s not. Some think it’s worldly to have traveled abroad. It’s not. None of those things by themselves change you. A worldly person is affected by every experience. He takes something from what life offers and puts it into action. But most importantly, the worldly person is aware of themselves and understands what the choices they make says about them. There is no rulebook for life. We learn what it is to be ourselves by the choices we make and how we feel about them.

Live deliberately. Jump out of a plane, go on a blind date, spend a weekend in a strange new place, go out for coffee with someone on a whim. Do something that challenges you. When someone asks “what did you do with your weekend?” be proud to answer.

Say yes. Say yes to every new experience. You never know what it will lead to next and you never know what you’ll learn about yourself on the way. The secret to adventure is all in your approach.

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