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The Outfit: Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig is one of those people that I mention pretty frequently. The man has a very classic and in many ways traditional taste in clothing but what he really excels at is fit. He knows how to wear things what sizes work for his body. I have a lot of respect for that.

And August has been dealing us a few colder and wetter days this past week here in Chicago so it opened up my options for clothes a bit. And that means sweaters.

So when I was reminded of an outfit that Mr. Craig wore in Quantum of Solace I took a look at my closet to see what I have that could match the style and if it could be done with affordability in mind.

So here’s what I came up with:










(There was no baked ziti in Quantum of Solace but couldn’t have hurt the movie)

The pants are part of Target’s Merona Line. It’s a flat front Khaki that retails for about 25$. It’s a great purchase and they manage to look as good as Chinos from Macy’s for about fifteen dollars less.

The shoes are Too Boot. Nothing more I can say about those. They end up in a lot of my favorite Outfit offerings because they pair so well with just about everything. I swear I own other shoes. Rack had mine for sale at $160 but a really great alternative I’ve been seeing on the net is the Stafford Ashton Wingtip from Penny’s. It retails for $60 dollars and it looks pretty great in the pictures. I have yet to see it in person though.

The Sweater is from Banana Republic. It’s their Textured Full Zip Sweater which usual retails at full price for about $90 dollars but like all GAP brand stores there is a perpetual 30% off sale and 40% off about once a week. Never pay full price for anything at BR or any GAP brand store unless you need it RIGHT NOW.

Those classy frames are from Perry Ellis but they certainly are necessary for the outfit.

Some of the small details that help pull it all together. The belt is a gray leather from Nordstrom Rack that sells for $20, the socks are the extra soft dress socks from Macy’s retailing for about $4 a pair and the black undershirt is just a simple Crew Neck Tee from Target that sells for about $14.

No sales, buying everything new, this one is going to run you about $313. Not too bad all things considered and as usual over half of that is the shoes. Once you have a good pair of shoes the cost for any outfit drops drastically.

So overall i’m happy with how this really simple outfit comes together and how affordable it is to pull off. The nice thing about it is that each of the individual pieces are so simple and versatile that they can be used with just about any outfit.