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Considerations for a Desirable Man

(Guest Post by Katlin Schneider)

My eyes wander in public. I’m sure I’m only one of many women whose glance lingers here and there, ogling the eye candy of Chicago and this is for a reason; We’re taking notes on you, guys. We’re checking out how your jeans fit, perhaps admiring how your hair falls, and wondering how old you’re going to be before you realize that tuxedo t-shirt isn’t really that

In particular, I note what men wear around their ladies because how a man dresses around the woman he’s with is as important as noting what he wears when he’s single. A single guy who dresses like a slob may just not care about how he’s attracting someone. That or he’s got a hell of a sense of humor.

Personality aside, a man who puts care into his wardrobe is akin to a peacock; by
dressing his best, he’s not only displaying what in my mind’s scenario is a sexy wardrobe, but also a self-awareness of himself and what looks good on his person and a sense of pride. That and he is also most likely dressing to impress us, the ladies, and that shows he cares about what you think.

Consider this comparison. You’re meeting a guy for a blind date at an upscale restaurant. You walk in, all legs and stilettos in your little black cocktail dress that is cut right to mid-thigh. Your hair could be submitted to an art exhibit because it is so perfectly sculpted. You smell like an angel that just floated through a lilac bush. You sit at the bar and wait for your date. Then, he walks in wearing wrinkled slacks paired with a brown belt and a gaudy, sports-themed belt buckle, a too large shirt that has a stain on the chest from the last dinner date he went on, clunky
grandpa shoes, and no tie. He’s got a cute face though, so you stumble through dinner, split the check, and march the hell out of that restaurant in those stilettos.

Bummer. Imagine if that guy walked in wearing pressed slacks and a clean, tailored shirt with slick shoes and a skillfully picked tie. You would almost think he planned on going out with an equally gorgeous lady.

An ideal man is your partner in crime in spirit, bond, and physicality. Meaning, if you’re not coordinating on a fashionable level, there’s a slight chance he might not be linking minds with you on other matters that are more important than your attire. That’s never to say that if he isn’t matching his leathers that he isn’t thinking about the future. Simply, a man who dresses well is taking care of himself and, ideally, is also considering what you think of him and appreciates your thoughts.

What makes a man attractive? To me, a man who listens, empathizes, and communicates displays a kind of strength and security that is extremely desirable. A man does not always have to actively listen to me bitch and moan for this to count. Sometimes, you can show you are paying care to the woman you’re with simply by wearing the right thing.

Guest post by Katlin Schneider, a talented and fashion savvy writer/director from Chicago’s film scene.