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Welcome to the second installment of The Outfit!

My inspiration this week jumped straight out of the May, 2012 issue of GQ. Here, we have Adam Brody (of O.C. fame) posing in a casual, varsity inspired street outfit.

Yes, jumping is also a part of the outfit.

You want to talk about standing out, rock out in a pair of red high tops with a pair of skinny cargo pants. The rest of the outfit is pretty subdued with more neutral colors, so that the all important kicks can shine. Trust me when I say that skinny pants and big shoes are a trend these days.

Replace the sweater with a light cardigan for a nice little mix-up.

Here’s a breakdown of all the items pictured:

Skinny Cargo Pants, $50 by Uniqlo

Checkered Shirt, $50 by Gap

Light V-Neck Sweater, $60 by Banana Republic

Brown Belt, $32 by Fossil

Red High-Top Sneakers, $100 by Creative Recreation

Total Outfit: $292
At almost $300 for this outfit, it’s a little bit on the pricey side. But when you consider the versatility of all the individual pieces here, I believe it to be a worthy investment. Most of the items here can easily be mixed into what you already have in your wardrobe for new outfits.

The toughest item to mix up, is the shoes. But to be honest, with fly kicks like these, you can look good with a pair of skinny jeans and a white-tee. It’s just that easy when you have nice shoes.

So there is my outfit of the week. We at The Approach are always open to expanding our fashion horizons, so please send us any new outfit ideas of your own!