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Cook: Pomodoro Sauce

What is a Pomodoro sauce you may be asking? Well, its basically a Marinara sauce with a slightly different texture. It’s overall thicker than a Marinara but missing the large chunks you find in that sauce. Usually. Everybody does their Marinara different. It’s closer to the consistency of a salsa I guess?

Why make a Pomodoro instead of a Marinara you may also be asking? Well simple really, it sounds more elitist and pretentious! That and Pomodoro sounds sexier. Nothing gets the panties dropping quicker than saying you’re making a Pomodoro. Ladies you can of course verify that in the comments if you like.

(Can you identify which is the Marinara and which is the Pomodoro?)

(Option A)(Option B)

I trust that you all made the right choice.

Now here’s what you’ll need to make a Pomodoro sauce:

Tomatoes (A lot of recipes call for the canned tomatoes. Not a big deal, you can use those. I just didn’t have any handy.)

Garlic (Purists want fresh whole garlic. Use what you have on hand. Don’t make a special trip for whole garlic unless the girl is really pretty.)

Salt (I like sea salt. Specifically Black Lava Salt. It gives a great smokey taste to whatever you add it to)

Pepper (Buy the grinders. It’s just better)

Italian Seasonings (Oregano and basil primarily. They sell big containers of this as a dried blended mixture. That stuff’s fine. If you’re actually cooking with someone go ahead and get fresh. It gives one of you something to do. If you’re doing all the cooking go ahead and get the dry blend. It’s fine)

Herbs De Provence (While not traditionally found in Pomodoros I love adding this to anything tomato based. I think it adds a great savory taste as long as its had the chance to cook long enough. If this doesn’t cook long enough it tastes like hard pine needles.

Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)

Cavatappi Pasta- Pasta with curves, twists and catches will hold more of the pieces in your sauce. Long flat noodles leave behind all the good stuff.

Chicken Breast (I just happened to have it as a left over so I used it. Certainly not needed)

Crushed Red Pepper (Just a little)

The Holy Trinity of Onions, Celery and Carrots (There is nothing that a mirepoix can’t make better. I’m willing to bet it would make a delicious cup cake too! Also, this is not a traditional Pomodoro ingredient.)

This is just all the stuff I use. It’s what I like and its done to the specifications that I enjoy. That’s why I left out measurements. We’re not doing any soul crushing, freedom strangling bakery work. This is sauce making. Sauce making is fun because you can adjust to taste. It’s yours to do with as you please. Have at her!

First thing I did was process the tomatoes down just a little. I left them in larger pieces for texture sake but again, do what you want.

(Don’t worry too much. These tomatoes were judged by a jury of their peers and found guilty of most heinous crimes against humanity. Below is a shot taken as the verdict was handed down)

Get your Mirepoix going. Warning, your kitchen will smell like what Super Heaven smells like. Ladies, you could do much worse in our eyes than to smell like simmering onions, celery and carrots.

(This is COMPLETELY the wrong way to cut onions but I did it. And I’ve never felt SO ALIVE!)

(Mirepoix by Estee Lauder)

Now get everything into the pot and cook for at least forty-five minutes to an hour on a low simmer. This brings all the flavors together into one harmonious work of art. Stir every once in a while. Your sauce will reduce and thicken. That’s ok. Keep the heat low though.)

(We should be about here ish by now)

And this is when I found some leftover chicken. So in it went. Because in order for me to live some other animal must die. That’s exactly what Hakuna Matata was about. Timon and Pumba were singing about all the animals they had to kill to keep their friend’s terrible hunger at bay.

And this is where I ended up

And that’s a simple easy dish named after a really sweet move that only Italians can pull off. (Wink) Or it’s just the word for tomato but that’s infinitely less sexy.

There you have it, my approach to a simple easy and cheap pasta dish. I’d love to hear what you can do when you’re in a hurry but still looking to impress?