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Cook: Random Ingredients Into a Meal

Happen to be bored today and with nothing to do so I decided to peruse the kitchen and see what random things I could turn into something delicious. I like this sort of challenge because nothing was planned. It’s an experiment in complete chaos with the hope that something beautiful will come out of it. I’ll let you decide.

What I had to work with: Honey, Parmesan Cheese, Cranberry Mustard, Cheddar Cheese, My spice cabinet, Pretzels, Gnoochi, Whipping cream, a few steaks, one spare uncooked pork chop, two spare uncooked chicken breasts, can of Grands dinner rolls, left over christmas cookie ingredients, dark chocolate powder.

And the journey begins

And so I ended up with a Pretzel encrusted Pork Chop and two Chicken breasts, some medium-rare steaks with my Himalayan sea salt (pretentious… yes. Should be regulated by the Office of National Drug Policy because of its awesomeness… yes) and fresh cracked pepper.  A cranberry mustard sauce for the Pork and Chicken. Gnocchi in a smoked cheddar sauce with bacon. The Grands became a little pastry filled with a walnut honey dark chocolate mixture and topped with a sauce made of the whipping cream, vanilla, cinnamon, nut mug and clover (not pictured). The Bagel Bites were made while I was cooking because I have a crippling addiction to Bagel Bites. They are nature’s perfect food.

It kept me entertained for about an hour and that’s all I was looking for. Sometimes all it takes for me is just the challenge. Here’s some ingredients, do something with it.

My approach to a a boring Sunday was a self issued cooking challenge, what’s yours?